Thursday, July 7, 2011

Artist Retreat .....

I read poetry, even out loud.
I found this wonderful prayerful
poem in Uncollected Poems:
Ranier Marie Rilke. I imagine
Fra Angelico's angels doing this:

Ah, as we prayed for human help: angels soundlessly, with single strides, climbed over our prostrate hearts.

Two artists show in galleries:
Imagining Spring


Another friend paints and plays the cello
and LOVES Rilke. She is the glue for me
with the others. They know each other
from Chapel Hill ~~ we gave each other words
to encourage and inspire. Words from
our distant lives that intersected up
on the lake.

Much needed timelessness.

Now heading up to Jan Karon's Blowing Rock
for our 33rd anniversary tomorrow!


podso said...

happy anniversary bonnie and ken! Have a wonderful time in the cool mts! We're coming up on 4-0 this year

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

Happy Anniversary! Blessings to you.

Brenda Williams said...

Happy anniversary. Have fun in Blowing Rock! I'm sure it will be a lot cooler up the than it is in Charlotte. This year will be 37 for us. Surely doesn't seem like that long! Your retreat sounds like it was a lot of fun.