Saturday, July 2, 2011

from the library

The cover stood out from the library shelf.
Isn't it beautiful! Isn't the title!
I don't have an Italian grandmother,
but I wanted to learn from them.
Sit in their kitchens. Hear their voices.
Taste the food!
I opened it upon getting
home from Sat. Farmer's Mkt
and Sat. errands.
There on the first page was a quote from
Laurie Colwin. Her cookbooks are wonderful
to read. I felt like I opened it to a friend speaking.
Jessica Theroux writes so beautiful of simple
generational cultural traditions that are
handed down by those in the kitchen to the table.
Recipes. Cooking. Read the
beginning here.

A cookbook to simmer with!

Finished Island of the World last night.
One of the best books I've read in a very long time.
One I will read again ~~ that means 839 pages.

" Christ, he had learned, always drew his followers
into deep waters, even, at certain points, to the brink
of literal drowning, for this immersion was the
beginning of wisdom. It pulled the soul from the
mere horizontal perspective into the vertical,
the cosmic one, which is so much higher than
it is broad. "


melissa said...

You make me want to read the first few pages on Amazon (thanks for the link!). We don't have it at our library, but will look so see if it's available with an inter-library loan.

Sounds like a keeper! :)

Happy Fourth, my friend.

Nancy Kelly said...

I just started Island of the World! As soon as I leave this comment, I'm off to bed to savor more of it...