Monday, June 20, 2011

Narration from Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

Part of the
High School
Lesson at
the Childlight
Conference in
June was to
read two versions
of Psalm 139
and compare them,
then read the first chapter: Members.
Narrate. Start a lab book which for this
is a narration book. At the bottom, we
copied in our most beautiful writing
the first line of Psalm 139. We will
copy it all through out the bottom of
each page, carefully and spaced correctly.
This is good training for the eye. We did
learn about cells. Part of my narration:

" The white blood cells are the soldiers
protecting the body 'guarding against
invaders.' They look like amoebas but
when they sense danger they are like
beagles on the scent of a rabbit. They
home in from all directions to the point
of attack. 'They explode on the germ.'"

We , then, had a diagram of an amoeba
to label and then copy into our notebook.

Lovely to read with Psalm 139 on the
Linksame page. Good lesson Jen!


podso said...

This is pretty nifty!

walking said...

Science without textbooks!!! :-)

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