Monday, November 22, 2010

Monday before Thanksgiving

Potato Planters 1861

Definitely mean the word THANKFUL
and the word FOOD.
Don't you want to pause and
write down what you are thankful
for in a journal for the grand and great
grandchildren to read in
your handwriting!

We are preparing for a small
crowd of my side of the family
coming here on Thursday.
It will be fun.
Small means 17 people. That
is only 2 of my siblings and their
families ( except one wife, a nurse,
who will be in Op. Room working,
bless her if you need her in the
city she lives in)

What are you making that is a

Thinking about what we will sing
as we start the feast:
Celtic Women singing "We gather
together to ask the Lord's blessing..."

Jean-François Millet was born Oct. 4, 1814. His rural paintings are mostly naturalistic depictions of hard-working peasants. However, his Angelus (c. 1857) has a more overt mystical quality to it… Salvador Dali was fascinated by Millet’s canvas, writing an analysis of it and palimpsesting it in his 1933-5 canvas Archeological Reminiscence of Millet’s Angelus (located in St. Petersburg, Florida):

paintings by Millet

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