Monday, October 25, 2010

Monday rain of gratitude

Weekends can mean boys coming
home and one did for Fall Break.
Our cat, Oreo, had her ears perked
and sort of a "who is that" look on
her whole body: Gordan's voice
came booming up the stairs and
then she knew who he was! Good
weekend and all the guys but one
came here for some time during the
weekend. The other was kayaking
to Capers Island, SC to camp for his
Fall Break. Gorgeous weekend. The
skies alone gave you a good mood
and a longing to travel and be outside.

One new soup that I made by Julia
Child: Mushroom Soup. Recipe from
a blogger.
Mine from Julia's book.
The same in both places.
Gordan loves mushrooms. So you
know when anyone in the family
comes home after being away, what
do you do? You cook for them.
You cook what they love.

Heading out of town towards the end
of the week to a film conference.

I read alot in Jan Karon's new book.
It put a good mood in my heart.


podso said...

It seemed so normal to see Gordon in church yesterday I forgot for a moment that he is away. You are blessed to have that swinging door.

Nancy Kelly said...

So good to have the bigs home, isn't it? I can't wait for Thanksgiving. As for the recipe, it looks delicious but I kept thinking how wonderful it would be if someone else would just make it for me. Not happening. Tell us all about the film festival and what movies I just must watch.