Monday, October 11, 2010

Monday Gratitude

My husband said this past
weekend that Monday is Canada's
Thanksgiving.They celebrate on the
weekend. It is not the same Pilgrims
but for the homecoming, not harvest,
of Martin Frobisher: explorer of the
Northwest Passage in the late 1500's.
It was to celebrate his long journey and
survival.Later, Henry Hudson didn't make it
back. So I thought about Ann....and her
blog that talks into our lives. Aren't you
thankful for her?!

I am for others that I do know:

, for a wonderful bird walk on Weds.
and her class for my daughter. I praised
the Lord that I could walk at the Greenway
for 2 hours without pain! ( see Emma on the
far left in the back)

, for seeing you more now! You keep
me thinking of how to live well unto the Lord!

Dotsie, for all your encouragement in letters,
emails, and teas! You have put so much into
my daughter's heart too!

, for your visit this past summer! And
your love for your daughter, math for my
daughter, and hopefully will see you soon
( getting you up here to speak).

Nancy, for new titles of books and digging in
together on the net for how to do all of this
home ~~ school ~~ ing a la Charlotte Mason.
Hope Canada was so very good.

, your love of Charlotte Mason,
leading our book discussion last year
and digging into those ideas!

, your motherhood strengthens
me! You know I find myself praying for you
and your family. It's your transparent writing!
And escaping into books. Good ones!

Sara, thank you for your postcards that
lifted me up postsurgery! I got reading
your blog when you posted on Elizabeth
Goudge! Good book titles from you!

I have been changed by this man's work.
Thank you.


melissa said...

Mwah! :)

If I was writing my own thankful list, you'd be on mine, for sure.

podso said...

What a beautiful post ... and to think all these you are thankful for happen to be bloggers! I enjoyed "meeting" your friends! (some I knew)

Nancy Kelly said...

It's the other way around - YOU bless me with your encouragement, book recommendations, faith,...I think I might just write you a letter, friend!

Amber Benton said...

To be listed amongst such women! You pour in, and pour in, and pour in to my life dear friend! Those three years spent with you and our old co-op building a foundation of aesthetics into our lives and homes (not just our schools) are anchoring to me even now - probably always.

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

Thank you, Bonnie! And you have introduced me to some wonderful new authors like Wendell Berry, widening my horizons. It is always such a pleasure to visit you here.

walking said...

I am thankful to have you as a friend when I was knew in my town and had no skin friends. Knowing kindred spirits in other places helped ease the loneliness!

P.S. Once I get back, we will chat about the other matter. My winter is clear--no travel, nada--as far as I know!