Thursday, September 23, 2010

Part of a good poem

"Summer ends now;

now, barbarous in beauty,

the Stooks arise

Around; up above,

what wind-walks!

what lovely behavior

Of silk-sack clouds!

Has wilder,willful-waive

Meal-drift molded ever

and melted across skies?"
- Gerard Manly Hopkins, Hurrahing in Harvest, 1918

My brain is weary so I will comment on

Longitude ,Tammy, when it can say

something intelligible!

I finished the biography

on Francis Schaeffer during my test time

today. Excellent. Stay tuned.

AND I can't figure out WHY I am

double-spaced!!! UGH.

Time for dinner.


walking said...

Well, I'm all ears for the biography too.

Hey, did you and Emma enjoy the harvest moon and Jupiter last night? Pamela kept going in and out, in and out the door to see them.

Nancy Kelly said...

I've been reading Hopkins' The Windhover - over and over again! Thanks for your comment - I am watching for your letter - a gift!