Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Who Could Have Planned it?

As I finished teaching on George
Macdonald at 1:30, I thought that
I would go to the coffee shop during
Emma's choir at 3:15 and read or grade
tests or write a letter. As I got out of the
car, there at the outside table were two
dear young moms. We did Hamlet together
last Spring. One had emailed me over the
weekend about writing and how much
her kids should be doing. I had JUST
emailed her late last night with a
"I'm getting to your question soon."
I have been there .....wondering
what is enough. Are we doing what we
should be doing? How are they growing
and how do we measure it? You know
those questions that still come no matter
how long you have taught your children.

Who could have planned in busy lives to
have an hour together , being intertwined
by the Spirit? We couldn't have planned it.

I came home smiling to my other son safely
home with his wonderful girlfriend from
that kayaking!

Those details of gratitude. A Way of Seeing.
( Edith Schaeffer's book)
( old cover)



Sara at Come Away With Me said...

Edith Schaeffer's book looks interesting. I'm sure it's full of good insights.

The word verification is litereri!

walking said...

I love when God orchestrates moments like that!

Nancy Kelly said...

Off to get a copy of that one, too. Thanks, Bonnie!