Monday, January 18, 2010

Spring Cleaning

Quite warm today, this
Gratitude Monday, so here

I'm thankful for time to do a
bit of Spring cleaning in
January and to hang out
a load of laundry. That reminds
me of Quotidian Mysteries by
Kathleen Norris.

I'm thankful for singing. I can
hear my daughter singing upstairs.
Another son sings in the shower.
He's not here as I write this.

I'm thankful for Stone Crossing,
the book of L.L. Barkat.
Finding Grace in Hard and Hidden what Ann Voscamp
wrote of the book. I started reading
it again , out loud to my husband!

I'm thankful for a full house.
My nephew is here for about 3
months while in an internship.
I'm having fun planning meals!

And you? What are you full of
gratitude for in your life?

1 comment:

podso said...

Note Voscamp's reference to M. Buchanan! You loved this book didn't you. to read it to your hubby. Have we decided on a book for the next BBC? Lydia Grace was asking. :-)