Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Thanks for Julia!

We celebrated
back in May
with Brad
at his graduation.
Last night we celebrated
his first day at the
Police Academy.
I think my husband is jealous of the
adventure that is in store for this son.
Quite a rigorous training in the next months.

Then we celebrated last night with Tournedos
Saute aux Champignons ( Steak with mushrooms
and wine ). ...Yes, Julia Child. Yes, excellent.
As I got to the meat section on my day of
Gratitude , I was so thankful to find the
steaks marked down. We made brussels sprouts,
Emma's mashed potatoes and ice cream.
All were too stuffed to have dessert. That
is a good sign of a good dinner with these
guys well over 6 feet ......and thanks to

Bon Appetit!


melissa said...

What a wonderful photo,and I know you're incredibly proud of this son of yours. Btw, am I right in thinking he looks like his mama? :)

Jennie said...

Sounds divine!!