Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A Taste of Heaven

Truly we have been blessed to spend
some weeks during the past 30 years
on an island south of Cape Cod.
Block Island, Rhode Island.

We have stayed in that cottage ( the one
which has a barn shape on the right)
which is a famous because a composer
lived there in the early 1900's.
Smilin' Thru is the name of his song and
the cottage was named that.
It looks out to a pond
which you don't see from this photo.
If you walk to the right , you will go
to Rodman's Hollow which is a trail
that goes down below sea level then
up to the sea. We only stayed there
one week the summer one of my sons
graduated from high school. I think
that summer was late June into July.

I remember looking out the top bed-
room window to the huge pond as
the moon shone. I've never had that
experience before or since then.
The ceilings were low so we sort of felt
like giants in a dollhouse! My sons could
come and go as they pleased . Safe place.
They would go down the west side of the
island and one house had several golf
holes set up to play! Free! It always felt
like we had stepped back in time when
children could walk anywhere or bike
anywhere. Good, good memories.


podso said...

Oh my, what a beautiful picture. So nice to have a glimpse of what you've spoken of over the years. From this photo, it looks like you have to walk in!

Bonnie said...

It is from the side and from one road. The road where the driveway is is on the other side. She took the photo for the Goldenrod which blaze the island and turn it aflame.

melissa said...

That IS a wonderful photo. I just love it! :)