Saturday, October 17, 2009

Christmas Arrived

In the form of Victoria Magazine.
May take a cup of tea and sit with
the Nov. Dec. issue. I've got soups
simmering to freeze and eat so
it is quite warm and smells wonderful.
I got The New Laurel's Kitchen Cookbook
from the library to learn a few things.
Bon Appetit!


podso said...

Got mine too, thinking with appreciation of you!

Anonymous said...

Oh, is the Nov/Dec issue out? I'm not a subscriber. I'll have to run to the bookstore. Monday.

(p.s. I found you on Sara's blog roll, and thought I'd stop by.)

Josie Ray
Appalachian Dream

beth said...

Oh, what a lovely way to spend the afternoon! I've got to get my hands on a copy of the new Laurel's Kitchen. I loved the original so much!

melissa said...

Well, if you and Dotsie have gotten your copies, mine can't be far behind. Not sure if I'm ready to be Christmasy, but still get excited about a new magazine coming!