Tuesday, May 5, 2009

What we did on Book Club night

Sometimes it is hard to get there
for one thing. One of our ladies almost
stopped as at every turn there was an
obstacle! Thank you Barb, it would not
have been the same without you!
The ladies did surprise me with presents
and delicious choc. cupcakes made by
a young mom at our church ( who is starting
a business ~~ oh, my , yummy!).
Sometimes it hard to get into a discussion
and even remember what the details of the
book were! BUT we seemed to get to the
heart of the book and especially
our lives faster because of the transparency
of the writing in Gilead. That's what struck
me and still does. It's never a program
this command that Jesus said to his disciples:
Love one another. It happened that night.

Thanks Jean for
hosting. And my dear friend for always
having your camera with you!

1 comment:

melissa said...

I love your book club nights. :) Look forward to them, as a matter of fact.

So glad they loved on you for your birthday. I think I sent you cake (virtual kind!) on Facebook, and hope it went through to you.

Enjoy the day TODAY. You ARE a sweetheart.