Monday, April 13, 2009

Joy to the Heart

One of the magnificent Easter
songs sung yesterday by the Adult
Choir and the Teen Ensemble. Listen
on You Tube and sung by the American
Church in Paris. Listen to the trumpets!
Joy to the Heart by Lee Scott, composer.
The sanctuary filled with voices and
instruments. I could hear the highest
soprano hit the last note!

Joy, Joy, Joy to the heart
all in this good day's dawning

I've been humming it all day.
I don't know all the words but the tune
has dwelled deep within me to resound!
I thought today about telling myself the
Gospel every morning. Certainly we are
so deeply loved by our Saviour. Excellent
sermon which ended with Christ's work
at HIS Right Hand today. Lots to think
upon. NO matter the day , although today
is a birthday DAY , to have a song run through
your mind is indeed a glorious thing. A thing
of grace!

2oth birthday of our 3rd son today!
Happy Birthday Evan! Now we have only
1 teen and 1 coming up to her teens in a
couple of years!


podso said...

Thanks for the link. The music was .. not a good word, so indescribable! Thanks to Ken and Emma for their parts.

podso said...

Now I'm singing it!