Saturday, October 25, 2008

Kathleen Norris' new book

Acedia & Me: A Marriage, Monks, and a Writer's Life

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I started this last night and was sadden to read her husband died in 2003. I knew he had cancer. Acedia is the spiritual side of sloth. OH.......
She thought of the book
30 years ago. Now she writes it.

Go to this site and hit
links to listen to her
in short and long


Anonymous said...

No surprise, but I checked out this from the library Thursday night. I have it 7 days---will dig into it this weekend.

Like, we're on the same book wavelength so often. ;)

Nan said...

Oh, Bonnie. I had never, ever heard the word, acedia, before. I looked it up in an online dictionary:

spiritual or mental sloth; apathy.
ORIGIN early 17th cent.: late Latin, from Greek akēdia ‘listlessness,’ from a- ‘without’ + kēdos ‘care.’

Isn't the listlessness part interesting?

I turned on Canadian Radio this afternoon, and immediately heard the word. There must be a name for this - the way you hear something and then hear it again soon.

I'm sorry about her husband. I didn't know he had died, and gosh, so long ago.

I'll go to the link now. Thanks, Bonnie.

podso said...

You and Melissa reading the same book. Of course, why would that be a surprise! Hope you really had some solitude the last few days. Miss seeing you, my friend.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry to hear about her husband too...I wonder if now she will become even more involved in monasteries/abbeys...