Thursday, October 2, 2008

The First Spy Novel

The Thirty-Nine Steps.
John Buchan wrote it in 1915. A
new genre is birthed. I read this
book in 3 nights. Brillant literary
style and my heart pounded, the
pages turned and I couldn't wait
to find out if Richard Hannay would
be found! Reading the sequel which
is in WWI in Jan. with my students.
The end of the first page says:
"I was the best bored man in the United
Kingdom." Brillant to what happens to
him. Buchan must have chuckled
as he wrote this.

We welcomed Autumn today with
it's bright blue skies and cool air.
Makes you want to put on a sweater
and have a cup of tea and grab a
book. Or knit. Makes you forget
the troubles in the world at the
moment. can be so
quiet that you can escape from
the lack of gas, financial woes,
and even an election. Pray in that
quiet. Pray fervently.

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