Friday, May 2, 2008

NOW that was Something

I picked up Gordan, son 4 , after driving
to help Bryan, son 1, who locked his keys
in the car AT the pump(!) ~~( one of those
days)~~ at Staples. He was getting his book
printed and bounded for his 40 Hour Project
Presentation tonight. There at the cash register
was a promotion for the store's Anniversary
AND there was my oldest brother and his wife
on it! SO STRANGE to go into a store and see
your family on a poster! I knew where it was
from: A Mediteranean Cruiseline hired them
for promotional photography while on the cruise.
NOT a bad job, huh!!! I called him in Texas this
afternoon and he said they signed all photos
off to a Stock Photo Co. in San Diego.
They keep using this same photo in other
places too ~~
United Airlines, San Diego, a friend
saw it in Staples in NY and emailed him yesterday!
He has whitish grey hair and his wife has
reddish hair! They look like they were having
fun. They were.

Jock Bethune


walking said...

When we lived on an island in Alaska, I met my sister-in-law in Anchorage. We decided to hit the museum. When we walked through the exhibit on Native Alaskans, I saw a picture of my neighbor holding up a tray of bidarkis. Very odd!

Hope you birthday was blessed!

Bonnie said...

Thanks Tammy!