Friday, February 1, 2008

Finishing The Odyssey

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"When young Dawn with her red-rose fingers
shone once more...."
hit my eyes . Then she came again, many
times with these words, over and over again.
Another day comes and " Dawn rose
on her golden throne." All throughout
Homer's Odyssey, he writes a new day this

I don't think I will look at DAWN again
without thinking
of the beauty of Homer's personification.
Nathaniel Hawthorne does that in his
House of Seven Gables as the house itself
becomes personified.

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Amber Benton said...

THAT is a book I need to attempt again! Sometimes when you try a book as a kid/young adult it just doesn't WORK, and you have to save it for later. I tried that one and it didn't work... I still have it on the shelf, though... hmmm....