Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Different Elevation

Open-Air Painter, Carl Larsson, 1886
Carl Larsson
Swedish, 1853-1919
Open-Air Painter, 1886

We have rain. Lots of it tonight.
Evan called from the mountains.
They have snow, but he wasn't sure
if it would stick. Great for his snow-
boarding this weekend. Fake snow
works though , here in the South.
It warms my heart to hear him
say he's reading a BOOK. He was in
a solarium on campus. Trees, sky
and light and snow! Without
a literature class, college students
don't read books. My oldest in
Graduate School is given extra credit
in a Marketing class JUST to read a book.
Any book! That professor knows.
Making readers and thinkers
was one of our hopes in homeschooling.
Evan did say about his history class:
"Why do they always want to look back
at history from a modern perspective?!!
That's crazy!" Can't fool him!

Got three great books for all under $1.o0
total at the library tonight:
Gilead, Complete Poems and Plays of TS Elliot,
and The Hawk That Dare Not Hunt By Day
( about Tyndale's smuggling Bibles in 16th
century England and Europe). Gilead was
a dime ~~ can't beat that . It's on the list
for our Book Club.

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