Saturday, December 15, 2007

Those angels

I watched and heard God's fingerprints this week
upon two lives~ my sister's and a brand new
homeschooler. The latter needed courage to
take a step of faith with her 4 dear little ones
to bring them home. The angels surrounded her
amazingly. The first morning she saw another
mom walking with her children. Never saw her
before. She had prayed and God brought this friend
of mine into her path on the very first morning of
her homeschool. My week was bookended with
Ann. Late yesterday afternoon we got Ann a
babysitter ( my sweet neighbor who is Emma's
dear "older sister" in so many ways) so she
could go to a Christmas Party to celebrate! God
certainly does work deeply in our lives. He sort
of weaves this amazing , colorful tapestry as Edith
Schaeffer wrote about. I think this part has a
golden thread in it!
Monday and Friday were only the second
and third time I have ever seen Ann. I think more
times are coming!

Fra Angelico
Perugia Triptych: Angel of the Annunciation. 1437. Tempera on panel. Galleria Nazionale dell'Umbria, Perugia, Italy.

Fra Angelico. Perugia Triptych: Angel of the Annunciation.

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