Saturday, December 8, 2007

Laundry hung and Angels singing

Listening to Mass of the Children by
John Rutter. He wrote it in 2002 because
he had never written a Mass. Performed
first in Carnegie Hall . The Children's
Choir opens with Awake , My Soul
and frame the ending with Glory to Thee.
In between , the Adult Choir sings as one
waking up to the end of the day and
falling asleep!
It's very, very heavenly and
angel like! Don't you like when the
composer tells you , just as an author in a
Preface, what and when it all happened ~~
that spark of creative energy, sort of electric!

The laundry is hung on this very warm
day in Advent as the third load is in the

Karin By The Linen Cupboard,1906

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