Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Jo's ambition

We remembered that Meg is 17, Jo is 16, Beth is 13 and Amy is 12 in today's reading
on Burdens. Jo is reading to Aunt March everyday to help the family.

"Jo's ambition was to something very splendid; what it was she had no idea as yet, but left for time to tell her....."

Emma burst out, " She's going to write a book!"

The Wisdom of Little Women

Little Women was first published in October 1868. Louisa's publisher, Mr. Niles, had urged her to write a book for girls. She wrote:

“I plod away, through I don't enjoy this sort of thing. Never liked girls, or knew many, except my sisters, but our queer plays and experiences may prove interesting, though I doubt it. ... Sent twelve chapters to Mr. N. He thought it dull; so do I. But I work away and mean to try the experiment; for lively, simple books are very much needed for girls, and perhaps I can supply the need.”

~Journals of Louisa May Alcott, 1868

Seventeen years later, Louisa was able to write:
“The copyright made her fortune, and the “dull book” was the first golden egg of the ugly duckling.”

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