Saturday, July 8, 2017

Haven't been here for ...

about a month!

Here's a quote to muse on and if you have read the book, I would like 
to hear your thoughts:

"The miraculous survival of goodness was the theme of her life."

    - Humboldt's Gift

It could be this line is just something I saw and want to know more. 
Getting the book from the library to see. 

Onward: 39 years to celebrate with my college sweetheart who I actually 
knew from afar in high school. He had a crush on me!

fron The Murmuring Cottage
Curlew Country


podso said...

I think he still has a crush on you. Happy Anniversary!

melissa said...

After reading a blurb about the book, think it's above me! Lemme know how it goes. :) And Happy Anniversary, love!

Unknown said...

Bonnie, I found your blog (again)! Lovely quote and happiest anniversary! <3 Amy