Thursday, October 8, 2015

a chatterer

Photo: bzd1


1. Any of various birds, typically having a long tail and black-and-white plumage; also various other birds that resemble a magpie.
2. A chatterer.
3. A person who indiscriminately collect things, especially things of little value. 

From Mag (a nickname for Margaret)* + pie (magpie), from Latin pica (magpie). The use of the name Mag is from the stereotypical association of women with chattering. Magpies have a (rather undeserved) reputation for chattering and hoarding, but they are some of the most intelligent animals. Two other words coined after them are pied and pica. Earliest documented use: 1589.

* this is very interesting because my mother's name was Mary Margaret and she loved to talk and chatter. I miss her long hours of talk and wanting to know my heart. 



Heather said...

Always something interesting and heart-warming to read here. I treasure my mom for this very reason.

Bonnie said...

HI Heather... have to visit you soon!