Thursday, December 11, 2014

today's word: Scandent

Today's word from A.Word.A.Day which comes into my emails daily :

Scandentadjective: Climbing or ascending.

I chuckle at all I learn about words and other things like this fun 

"They come and vegetate -- early-goers and scandent socialites -- loitering about and small-talking on the pavement; gradually they edge indoors to the crawl of ivy and creeping plants, spreading like gossip through rooms and around corners."
Kol; Fools; Xlibris; 2012. 

From Latin scandere (to climb). Ultimately from the Indo-European root skand- (to leap or climb), which also gave us ascend, descend, condescend, transcend, echelon, and scale. Earliest documented use: 1682.

The artist, Leah Palmer Priess,  illuminates WORDS. 

Here is another example for the word : oneric

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