Tuesday, June 24, 2014

day after Monday

Gentle rain today , off and on. 

The Romantic in the  Rain by GK Chesterton:

 It realises the dream of some insane hygienist: it
scrubs the sky. Its giant brooms and mops seem to reach the starry
rafters and Starless corners of the cosmos; it is a cosmic spring cleaning.

All around me as I write is a noise of Nature drinking: and Nature makes a
noise when she is drinking, being by no means refined. If I count it
Christian mercy to give a cup of cold water to a sufferer, shall I
complain of these multitudinous cups of cold water handed round to all
living things; a cup of water for every shrub; a cup of water for every
weed? I would be ashamed to grumble at it. As Sir Philip Sidney said,
their need is greater than mine--especially for water.


For indeed this is one of the real beauties of rainy weather, that while
the amount of original and direct light is commonly lessened, the number
of things that reflect light is unquestionably increased. There is less
sunshine; but there are more shiny things; such beautifully shiny things
as pools and puddles and mackintoshes. It is like moving in a world of

... It gives the roads (to the
sympathetic eye) something of the beauty of Venice.

It is quite funny, short,  and will make you smile.

                                                   The River in the Summer Rain
                                                              Frances Hamel


 River in Summer rain
Then I came to this from a blog: 

'That writer does the most for us who brings to our attention thoughts that lay close to our minds waiting to be acknowledged as our own. Such a man acts as a midwife to assist at the birth of ideas that had been gestating long within our souls, but which without his help might not have been born at all.' Tozer

My hopes for this next year as I ponder book lists and notebooks are in those two sentences.
I learned so much about rain so needing to push away the twaddle 
and clear out the cobwebs. Well, I did do that today on my front porch!
( sweeping) Definitely reading more of Chesterton. He fits in any time 
period and makes the mind tingle and stretches the imagination.
Who would have ever thought so much could be said of rain?
Then, I found this young British painter born in 1963.
( smiling)

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