Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Making Lasagna, British syle

Yes, to my sister , who I introduced to Jamie Oliver's cooking 
and his British fanfare : Jamie Oliver's Lasagne. I had it 
at Jamie's Italian. I don't have any butternut squash so it is 
minus it. I used what I had in the house. He has said exactly
those words on his cooking videos. I wish I could get his beer
here in the States. I had it at his restaurant in Kingston Upon 
Thames. Waiting for the lasagna to cook, so here I am. 

This leek, spinach, and ricotta lasagna looks good too. 
I have learned about flavor from this Brit. 

From his 30 minutes meals...... a corker , he says:

Spending time with Jamie learning.
Well, I do have asparagus.

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