Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Weekend in the Big Apple was wonderful. 
Today's sky was too.
I am fighting a cold since returning yesterday but it is good to be home.
Missed that hubby of mine. We have been on separate trips recently and 
now it is good to BE home. 

I loved all I heard and tasted and have a small pile of books from 
Hearts and Minds Bookshop and new notecards to write letters from 
The Morgan Library and The MET. I can't resist. 

Edgar Allan Poe exhibit opened at the Morgan. 
I love this museum/ home of JP Morgan. 

I was thrilled to walk into the NY Public Library and see their 
Children's Book Collection which is like the Morgan. First editions
and letters and photos. Just thrilled. 

I heard Christian Wiman, a poet , read his work and glare up to the screen
with demise at it not in the right structure. He couldn't take it. He said to 

turn it off. It needs to be in stanzas, needs to be in couplets. A true 
artist. The form makes the poem. It helps the reader hear. His favorite
poet: George Herbert.His recent days are marked with a blood cancer.
I was moved by his readings and intensity. 
 Read more at the American Scholar:

Poetry, for me, has always been bound up with this unease, fueled by contingency toward forms that will transcend it, as involved with silence as it is with sound.

Interview by Eric Metaxas here

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melissa said...

You're absolutely sparkling with the excitement of your trip and return. Just sparkling. :)

Glad you're back!