Friday, May 3, 2013

Cool and things that are cool

Cool here. 
So lovely.
Makes you believe summer is far away.
The heat of summer, that is.

Loving EVERY GOOD ENDEAVOR about work by Tim Keller.
It is sinking into the depths and I felt some  things in my mind and heart
turn around. Yes. Good books do that. 

The school year is wrapping up. 
I can see the end. 

GOOD NEWS: # 4 son will be in England for a semester
He has lots of doors opening. He will be in CA for a month for a Geography Research
Project( in a month). So now, I am opting to visit England instead of CA. 
Hoping. Emma's eyes were wild when she heard. 
He's waiting to hear about  another summer  internship near my sister's house. 
That will be for the rest of the summer.  
His room here  will be used part time this summer. He gets all 4 wisdom teeth out when 
he gets home from college next weekend. House will be fuller soon & will fill & empty 
during the hot summer months. 

Going to see the Dutch Master's next weekend so prepping with The Story of Dutch Painting:

Rembrandt van Rijn, The Visitation
Rembrandt van Rijn’s “The Visitation,” from 1640.

Good blog on the way to finding the book:
The Dutchess  plus her art blog: The Hill Top

Isn't that cool?!


podso said...

Wow about number four son and the hope of England for you tucked in there!

And where--at the Mint? The dutch painters, my very favorite I have to go, you always keep me up on what's going on in my city!

Bonnie said...

Nashville, Podso!

Bonnie said...
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