Monday, November 26, 2012

still November

I am so thankful it is still November.
We will flip the calendar next weekend , followed by  Handel's Messiah the next weekend. 
Emma and her Dad are singing in it for two performances.

Until then, the sun shines brightly here in the South.
Dry and cold at night.

Until then, hoping to get a chunk of ANNA KARENINA read to see the movie if it 
ever graces our theaters here in Charlotte. 

Until then, reading THE HOBBIT again. ( with my students) Movie comes out
in 3 weeks. 

Until then, don't think I will read Les Miserables before Christmas. How about you?
Aren't you excited for these wonderful films during the holidays?!


Nancy Kelly said...

I am thankful for YOU! We are excited about these movies, too. Glad that things are going beautifully there.

From joy to joy,

podso said...

Danielle is rereading the Hobbit. Thanks for the previews. I wonder if AK will be long like the book!
Sorry I didn't see you yesterday. We should get together for a holiday tea.

beth said...

Coty and I are reading Anna Karenina, too. He's further along than me with all the time on airplanes lately while I've been painting and re-doing! Hope it comes to Charlotte sometime soon. We've been watching.

Hope you and yours are well. Say hi to Emma for me. Miss her!