Monday, July 9, 2012

Just one post this week.......

This is a diary sort of entry: going to Franklin, Tenn. to hear Dr. George Grant talk on
Reading and the fast pace technological age we are in. So a new kind of Reading?
No, books. Hope to get to the Rabbit Room   and Parnassus Books. Here is something from  Ann Patchett's blog: ( author, reader, and book seller)

One last thing - I memorized the St. Crispin’s Day speech from Henry V this month. It was a great adventure. I hadn’t tried to memorize Shakespeare since high school and I definitely found the Shakespeare receiving part of my brain to be in great disrepair. But once I finally got it I felt incredibly proud of myself. Brain calisthenics! I told my friend Jim Fox about my project (he had just sent me Harold Bloom’s book, Hamlet: Poem Unlimited, which he says is worth the effort, though I personally have not made the effort yet)..

A bonus : newlyweds live along the way as we go over the mountains and through the woods of I-40 into the neighboring state! ...

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podso said...

I loved memorizing Shakespeare in highschool. I still remember much of it, Do they still memorize like that? (Of cousre I'm not talking bout homeschoolers)