Friday, May 4, 2012

Words are powerful

 Emma's wonderful Choir Director, who is also a voice teacher. wrote  to the singers these powerful words  after performances this year. The choir had 90 high school students. She would tell them to sing in colors. Close their eyes and think about GOLD. Sing that color. Be encouraged with the red words:

I felt His wonder. 
I so wanted you to step into that place of knowing and feeling His wonder.  God is so good.  I will cherish the moments we shared tonight glorifying our magnificent father and his beloved son.

Sweet blessings to all you. I love sharing music with you. My heart will be singing with you and breathing with you and sending you all my love.Enjoy the fruits of your hard labor.

God's sweet blessings to you all, may you sing through the weekend because you touched heaven and then touched others!

Emma is in the left section , 3rd row from the bottom ( microphone is in her face from this angle) , second to the right next to Ben. Gwen's mother playing on the piano. Her father conducted and arranged  the last song.

Here is a fabulous version of Birdland from last year's concert . Emma was in Musical Heirs last year. We were all tapping our feet and smiling as the sanctuary became full of such glorious music!

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