Tuesday, March 20, 2012

All kinds of love

    My class started Lewis' The Four Loves.
 Have you read it? They seem to be stopped by sentences. "Mrs. B. , I had to read this sentence over and over to finally get what it meant."  Me too.  I have to follow some of the sentences  closely like my cat watches an ant out on the back deck. 

These students  are thinking.  So I'm thinking that is a very good thing. I put them in  groups of two to discuss the early chapters. They went all over my back deck and yard. You know summer is here on this first day of Spring. I was HOT. 

   Also, they are practicing Lewis'  style of writing with their own Lost Chapter of Herodotus.  ( Xmas and Christmas from God in the Dock ) You know sometimes class needs to be fun!

We have two copies of this book:

 Hope you have heard his voice ,press the arrow!


melissa said...

How wonderful to hear his voice...not sure I ever have. Thanks for that! :)

podso said...

For a moment I had to stop and think--school? It is so hot its hard to believe it is only the first day of spring yesterday. I can just picture this scene. :-)