Monday, May 16, 2011

Asking for Poetry books

"Do you have any more of
Luci Shaw's poetry books?"
This was my Emma's question
last night. She went to bed with
a stack. I have loved Luci's poetry
for so long which is why there is a
collection on the book shelf.
I love her prose also.
Emma said : "I am copying
my favorites in my journal."
She started with the most recent
book which I just handed to her
and said READ. Find what you
like, copy, meditate, go into
the words. Then she came to
me with so much delight she
had to share the poem and her

This most definitely underlines
what Charlotte Mason said in
her 20 Principles:

" We hold that the child's mind is no mere sac to hold ideas; but is rather, if the figure may be allowed, a spiritual organism, with an appetite for all knowledge. This is its proper diet, with which it is prepared to deal; and which it can digest and assimilate as the body does foodstuffs."

In The Teaching of Poetry to Children:

Parents do not realize what an enormous amount they put into their children's lives by filling their minds with good poetry.

Which makes me think of Anne:

“Don’t you just love poetry that gives you a crinkly feeling
up and down your back?”
—Anne, Anne of Green Gables, Chapter V


Sara at Come Away With Me said...

Lucy Shaw and Madeleinne L'Engle too....Perhaps that's why they were such great friends...

I remember a great love for poetry in my teens and early 20s...and writing my own too...perhaps it is time to recapture that!

podso said...

There is no doubt Emma is her mother's daugther.