Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Voices

Language has a voice: words.
Written or spoken.

I've read a tiny bit of Lewis this
morning in Readings for the Year.
I'm way back in early March !
OH dear.

I picked up Wendell Berry's essays
to look at while Emma is in piano
lessons. His voice ~ I always go back

I am mentored by a dead educationalist:
Charlotte Mason and a living one: George

Susan Schaeffer Macaulay and her father
and mother, Francis and Edith,
continue to resonate truth
and especially grace. Living ideas.

My heart stirs.

All writers with a voice.

Who are you listening to?

1 comment:

debbie bailey said...

I've read all the people you mentioned. Wendell Berry i've just discovered. I've wanted to read him for a long time. I'm starting with a book of his essays. And as for C.S. Lewis, I adore that man. His writing takes my breathe away.