Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Did someone call 911?

This is what my husband said
this evening ~~ and that a police
officer was here. "Here" was Emma's
room! There stood Brad , all geared
up, handcuffs and a fake gun and
his cadet uniform!!! I've never seen
my husband so excited. Well, yes I
have. But those handcuffs are sort
of like the ones the boys played with
when they were little. Don't all boys
have fake handcuffs? But there's
something about the real thing.

The real gun comes later. He's got to learn
how to use it before acquiring it!


podso said...

I can feel the excitement in the air at your house! You are proud and should be!

melissa said...

Blink your eyes and they're grown, aren't they? My, my. :)

walking said...

And where are the pictures, pray tell?????? :-)