Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentines and Grace

in a recent email from a friend
who moved away.........

....when you spoke of Lenten Roses, my heart was tugged by the memory of them. I had been talking with Leslie about the graces that the Lord gives us, some that we never see, or at least don't see immediately. Those little love-gifts from God, to our heart's alone. When you spoke of the Lenten Roses, I thought of their graceful, loopy stems and then the flower, which we can miss seeing entirely when we walk by them in a garden or growing against the side of a house. They are so lovely and pale, like the color of the leaves, but with a tiny brush of pink or lavender on that sweet soft green. Hidden beauties, may God open our eyes to all that he gives to us!! Happy
Valentine's Day!

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