Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Back From There

Ken and the two middle boys are back
from South Dakota . A father-son trip
to see Ken's childhood homes in Rapid
City , family and the landscape. They
flew to Sioux Falls and went to De Smet
because their little sister would want
to hear about Laura Ingall 's Wilder's
home: ( tshirt was a surprise for her)

Evan taking photos

at Laura's homestead in De Smet

Gordan approaching the Badlands

Add Image On top of the Badlands

At Mt. green sneakers!


walking said...

Emma is blessed with wonderful brothers! WOW! I am jealous. My father (military--gotta make time) did not stop for Mt. Rushmore when we moved cross country one summer. He traumatized us for life . . . :-) I have only heard of a crime worse than that. My best friend from high school missed out on the Grand Canyon for the same reason. It is tough being a military brats!

Nan said...

Great, great pictures! How does one 'beware of rattlesnakes?' Oh, my gosh.