Friday, September 21, 2007

Chilling out

We came home this afternoon to chill out after a full
day of coop. I was blessed. Not only was the curriculum rich, but
seeing a group of 9-10 year old girls love to make Love KNOTS on a coverlet
for an orphan in Haiti was so rich with the Gospel. They wondered where Love Knots
got that name. Perhaps because it hugs the fabric or it's two sides of thread knotted?
Whatever the reason , they began to sing together. A choir of children singing Doe A DEAR, a female dear....YOU know from The Sound of Music. They prayed for this little boy too. How awesome to hear the prayers of children! Jesus was right ~~ Let the little children come to ME!

Maddie's great-grandmother came too ~~ 90 years old! We miss much if an older
person is not around in our lives. I missed my Mom!

I'm not so techical to have a digital photo on here of the quilt. TWO more to go.
AND now I can't find the color ink!

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